Wonga - Loans up to R4.000

Wonga - Loans up to R4.000


  • Online loans up to R4.000
  • Term 4 days - 6 months

Wonga Review

Quick overview

  • Amount: R500 - R4.000
  • Term: 4 days - 6 months

Wonga table of repayments

Amount Fee Total payment Term
R500 R97.76 R597.76 4 days
R900 R168.61 R1 068.61 4 days
R2 000 R441.95 R2 441.95 30 days

A representative example

If you will get the loan of R2.000 with the term of 30 days, your totally payment would be R2 491.95. The fee is R491.95.

Wonga experience and discussion

Wonga experiences

Tell us your experience with Wonga at info@coolfinance.co.za and we will publish it anonymously into our discussion.

Is Wonga a scam?

No. The product is absolutely fine and no need to worry about anything hidden. The company Wonga Finance SA (Pty) Ltd. really provides these loans.